“Jesus said to them, come after me; I will make you fishers of men.”
~ Mark 1:17 ~
A person feeling called to the ministerial priesthood or seeing oneself serving others as a priest has opened a window of possibility. Initially, all the MSA’s ask is that such a person assume the presence of an Apostle being asked by Christ to join him — to leave what they are doing and follow him. The Apostles served a three-year, hands-on apprenticeship. This apprenticeship included the opportunity for personal denial of Christ, succumbing to personal fear. Obviously, the Apostles overcame their fear as evidenced by Christianity present in the world today, with all its faults and benefits.
The purpose of this initial formation is to guide the candidate to gradually assume the charism of the MSA.  As an Aspirant, formation is first of all the work of the Holy Spirit and secondly the work of the member in responding to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  As an aid in this process, the MSA provides the Aspirant copies of the Constitution and Norms of the Society, the spiritual writings of Father Menard, and a recommended list of spiritual readings.  In addition, the Aspirant may be invited to participate in the MSA community day and also participate in a retreat experience.
“Inviting them to go with Him, Jesus is inviting them to discover Him.  He leads them away from themselves and makes them pivot around Him.  This is the most important step … and it is through this common, daily living with Christ that they will be led to dedicate to the cause themselves and their mundane existence, and that they will learn in their own good time to be fishers of men.”  

~ Fr. Eusebe Menard – The Call To Follow Christ ~