Easter Message From Provincial Animator and the Provincial Council

“…For behold, the Kingdom of God is within you” (Lk 17, 21)
My dear brethren, Easter is at the door of our lives, for three days we will accompany Our Lord Jesus in His Act of Love for humanity, accepting the Will of the Father, and offering Himself as the ransom for our salvation.
During this Triduum, Jesus shows us many aspects of His life and mystery: First, he is betrayed by those who were so close to Him, his friends; the three years of intimacy and deep teaching of the things of heaven is quickly forgotten. Second, Jesus continues to love humanity and leave his Sacrament of Love and their sacred ministers, to continue His mission. Third, after the tremendous suffering, he asks forgiveness from the Father for us from the Cross. Now let us wait to see Him resuscitated on the Third Day, and let us walk with Him and in Him, in our mission to continue awakening, forming, and accompanying vocations to the priesthood and leaders for the Church, with joy, because HE IS RISEN, AND IS WITH US, ALLELUIA.
Together in the Lord Jesus Christ,
Fr. Luis Luna-Barrera, M.S.A.
Fr. Vincent Salamoni, M.S.A.
Fr. Charles Bak, M.S.A.
Fr. Peter Kucer, M.S.A.
Fr. Robert Sickler, M.S.A.
Fr. Michel Legault, M.S.A.

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