Eucharistic Helpers of the Sick

  • The Eucharistic Helpers of the Sick is an organization of healthcare professionals whose mission is to reclaim healthcare for the Lord.  They are dedicated to carrying out the Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ by caring for all those sick, injured and unfortunate who come to them wherever they may be.

    They carry the light and love of Jesus with them to those they meet both in and out of the workplace.  They uphold the principles of life to the fullest for all their patients and are committed to restoring the Culture of Life in all healthcare facilities.

    They support each other in their vocations, respecting and encouraging each other’s God-given gifts.  They recognize their own weakness and are thus empowered by the graces they receive from the Sacraments.

    They are committed Catholics, acknowledging their total dependence on frequent Confession, participation in the Holy Mass, reception of the Holy Eucharist and Eucharistic Adoration.  They are committed to a life of deep prayer and pursuit of holiness so that they may submit to the Father’s Will in union with Jesus as an instrument of Mary in order that the Holy Spirit may fully empower them in their mission.

    The Eucharistic Helpers of the Sick are faithful to the Holy Father and obedient to the Magisterium.

    They offer all their personal suffering and the suffering of their patients for the offenses of the medical profession.

    We meet every First Saturday at Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, CT.

    MSA  St. Jude Chapel 24 Prospect Hill Road ( entrance in rear)
    8:00 am    Morning Prayer followed by Mass with MSA community

    St. Andrew Hall  on Campus of Holy Apostles Seminary
    8:30 am       Meeting of EHS with Presentation
    10:00 am     Rosary of the Eucharistic Helpers of the Sick


    EHS has been meeting for 8 years.  We are composed of doctors, nurses, all healthcare providers, those working in every capacity in healthcare whether in a facility or a home.