Fraternal Life

Guided by the Holy Spirit, with priests and brothers participating in the same charism, we consider fraternal life and mission to be the two fundamental elements of the MSA’s.  Without fraternal life, we are unable to complete our mission for the Church.

Our fraternal life is at one and the same time communal and apostolic.  Both must be maintained in constant balance.  Community life is an incentive for our apostolic life and the latter also energizes our fraternal life.

In the United States Province, most members live in two local communities.  A local community must have at least three members.  Our current communities are located in Cromwell, CT, and Washington D.C.

Members who are not able to live in a community due to their apostolate are still attached to a house or formed in teams in order to strengthen fraternal ties and to remind them that they still belong to a community.

Fraternal community life requires a family atmosphere where each member feels accepted and appreciated.  This demands a willingness for service, openness, and mutual support.  It is never permanent and under daily construction. For this reason, the Eucharist, the Word of God, and common prayer are central elements in each community.