Short reasons about profound mysteries.

Video – The Episcopal Ordination Mass of Bishops Christian Rodembourg, MSA

Mgr Christian Rodembourg, m.s.a., naît à Bruxelles le 26 août 1959. Il complète d’abord des études comme agrégé d’enseignement religieux à l’institut de catéchèse et pastorale Lumen Vitae (Belgique). Il est successivement professeur puis directeur littéraire pour les Éditions Saint-Paul à Paris et Fribourg. Le 29 mai 1994, il devient […]

The First Bishop from MSA

Dear confreres, Let us rejoice! With a heart filled with emotion and joy, I announce the nomination of Father Christian Rodembourg, M.S.A. as Bishop of the Diocese of Saint-Hyacinthe, in the Province of Quebec, Canada. United in our Lord Jesus, Rev. Issac, MSA

The Word was made flesh – Father Charles Bak, MSA

According to Blessed John Duns Scotus and many others: From all eternity, God planned the Incarnation of His only Son: that Jesus would be born in time and be the Head of the human family.  Scotus asserted that sin should not be necessary for the Incarnation of the Son of […]