Fr. Frank Needs A Kidney Donataion

My name is Fr. Francis J. Fajella. I am a member of the missionaries of the Holy Apostles. I NEED A KIDNEY. As you know, or maybe this is new information for you, we only need one healthy kidney to live; yet God gave us two. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I am pleading for someone to donate such a kidney. It need not be a perfect match only healthy to place such a kidney in the national register. I have the clearance of both Emery University in Atlanta, Georgia and Columbia University in New York City. If anyone […]

News – May 2014

News – May 2014 St. Mark’s Heating System Replaced   We have just completed the installation of a new natural gas heating system in St. Mark’s in Cromwell. This is the first step in the complete renovation of this building to serve as housing for the Cromwell MSA Community. Last Call 12 Men Who Dared Available For Order On Line   Colorful stories of twelve men collared by the Lord in their latter days, compiled and edited by their philosophy professor, Dr. Ronda Chervin, who has herself authored over fifty books. Embellishing each story of personal conversion and priestly vocation is […]

News – April 2014

News – April 2014 Last Call Book Discussion on EWTN May 12-15 April 6, 2014 The EWTN series is based on the book Last Call: 12 Men Who Dared about late vocations to the priesthood in the MSA community and from Holy Apostles Seminary. It is edited by Ronda Chervin and features Br. Skip Thompson. Bishop of Norwich Approves MSA Rosary April 5, 2014 On March 24 Bishop Cote granted permission for the publication of the “Mysteries of the Rosary of Mary, Queen of the Holy Apostles”. A copy is available under the “About” Menu on this website. New MSA Postulant […]

Br. Skip Thompson Ordination May 14th

After making final promises to the Church and the MSA in February, Br. Skip has been approved for ordination to the Diaconate. He will receive “Sacred Orders” at the hands of Bishop Christie Macaluso of the Archdiocese of Hartford, at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Waterbury, CT, at 10 a.m., on Wednesday, May 14, 2014, the Feast of St. Matthias the Apostle.

Construction To Begin On St. Mark’s

Construction will begin this winter on St. Mark’s house in Cromwell. This will be the first improvement to St. Mark’s since the 1970’s and will include new windows, installation of natural gas heating, upgraded electrical systems, new plumbing, and a new kitchen. When work is completed, St. Mark’s will be the housing for members of the order who live in Cromwell.