Evangelical Counsels

As an Apostolic Society, all members make promises of chastity, poverty, and obedience. All of these are freely chosen and enable the members to grow closer to Christ and better serve the Church in carrying out the MSA apostolic mission. 
Chastity freely chosen for the love of Christ and of his Kingdom, is a gift of the Holy Spirit. We live this gift in celibacy and perfect chastity of heart and body. This gift remains fragile and vulnerable because of our human weakness. It is a choice we need to work at day after day with vigilance and perseverance.  Chastity “for the Kingdom of Heaven” , even if it implies  sacrificing that must be seen in total clarity, frees the heart, testifies to a preferential love for the Lord and becomes an incentive for charity as well as a source of spiritual strength in the world.

Poverty, freely chosen and lived with love, reveals itself as a privileged means of union with the person of Jesus, the first of the poor, and of participation in his life. It also permits a more intense communion with his salvific mission in living all its dimensions, the Paschal Mystery.  Evangelical poverty is a requirement of our apostolic life and is a sign to the world of our filial confidence in divine Providence, our solidarity with the poor, the evangelical use of material goods and also of our availability for building the Kingdom of God. Evangelical poverty demands of each of us an attitude, interiorly and exteriorly, consciously and responsibly, of detachment in the use of all goods. In order to be a sign and a witness within the Church, evangelical poverty must express itself on a personal as well as a communitarian level by a simple and modest lifestyle, by industriousness and putting our goods and capacities at the service of the Society and its mission.

Obedience: Following the example of Jesus who came to fulfill the Father’s will, and who sought it unceasingly, we choose the evangelical counsel of obedience as a means to take Christ as a model. This counsel becomes a fundamental attitude of our life and makes us more faithful to the influence of the Holy Spirit. Thus, we live obedience as a service in order that the Society fully achieves its apostolic mission in the Church. We recognize the Pope as the supreme Pastor of the Church whom we must obey by virtue  of our promise of fidelity. We accept his teaching and faithfully transmit his instruction. Further, we are subject to the pastoral orientations of the Ordinaries, always keeping in mind the charism and spirit of the Society. By virtue of our promise of fidelity, we pledge ourselves to obey the legitimate Animators when they govern according to the Constitutions and Norms.